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Welcome, gorgeous!

In Matriarch Village, we’re here to talk about alllllll the taboo subjects of our time (when it comes to thriving as a woman) — from blood mysteries & plant medicine to entrepreneurship & the feminine energetics of money. 💸


You know, the stuff you wish you’d learnt from your mother or other wise women in your life? Except that no one ever taught you about manifesting the life of your dreams through pleasure, nourishing your female metabolism, natural birth control, microdosing, human design, or how to create life-changing income online. 👑

Come, it's time. You're ready. 

Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Village Gatherings:

 * times subject to change. replays available within 24 hours in your membership portal.


Hi love, I'm Katya Nova!

In 2022, my controversial projects The Confessions and The Money Bootcamp went viral and created almost 500K in affiliate commissions for the women in my community. 
A year later, I did it again with the paradigm-shifting Wealthy Woman Vault, which generated nearly 1M in just a few weeks and touched the lives of 13,000+ women. (Yes, I’m a bit of an affiliate queen!) 

I’m passionate about amplifying the voices of extraordinary women, creating financial abundance in unconventional ways, and… finding the best oysters in every city I visit. 🦪 I believe that pleasure & joy are your birthright, that your desires are holy, and that you can have ANYTHING YOU WANT… just because you want it. 

When I'm not traveling the world, you can find me in my jungle yurt (running a 7-figure business from a tiny Costa Rican town), co-parenting my 4 beautiful children, choosing love over fear, and co-creating a vision of modern matriarchy. 
You're here for a reason - welcome! 


Extraordinary guest teachers + frequency medicine + the sisterhood you've been waiting for!

Get your membership today and access our full library. 


"The best online community experience I've EVER had."

Marci L.

"The breathwork was AMAAAAAZING and like nothing I have ever experienced! Afterwards, I stayed up until 2 am (I'm in the UK) until it was completely finished, because I was so in awe of all the women's stories that I couldn't leave!"


"My Mom bought me this membership and it has opened new pathways for her and I to connect and heal in ways I either never expected or didn't foresee for years from now. This community is changing my life, my family, and our HERSTORY!"

D & M

"There gatherings always make me feel so loved and connected in these strange times. Matrîarch Village is awakening new places within my soul!"


"This Cook-Along gave me the courage to try something that I’ve been wanting to do, but was too nervous to try on my own. It felt very sacred to share this space today! I looooooved it!"


"If you would have told me that I’d be making a mousse, I would have thought there is no way I can make some thing that requires so much skill in the kitchen and I’d worry too much about failing and fucking it up! I can't wait for the next one!"


"Each Moon Gathering is so different, and somehow EXACTLY what I need. I've made real friendships, and my life has been truly enriched in so many ways! I'm so grateful for Matrîarch!!"


"This membership is worth every penny. I thought I'm a busy mama and I won't be able to attend, but these gatherings give me LIFE!"

Jess L.
Our Matrîarch resident teacher:
Fernanda Parra is a keeper & teacher of ancestral wisdom and is a sought-after Ritual Designer.
Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, she uses frequency medicine, sacred Medicine Songs, and Storyweaving to help women unearth their innate magical powers, connect to their voice and deep well of wisdom within.
Her classes, workshops, and shamanic journeys are an absolutely unforgettable experience. 
Be sure to browse the list of her past classes & workshops in the Matrîarch library of replays! 

We're always bringing together the most inspiring, unapologetic and extraordinary women to guide the way. Are you ready?


inside Matrîarch Village Membership:


💫  once a month (usually around New Moon),  1x paradigm-shifting Class or Gathering (with Katya Nova or other incredible guest teacher) 

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💫 opportunity to join Frequency Inner Circle (Business & Leadership mentorship)

💫 private sisterhood community 


Join Matrîarch Village today & get instant access to our full library of classes, gatherings & workshops:




+ 1x monthly virtual Class & Gathering (around New Moon)
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+ opportunity to join Frequency Inner Circle (Business & Leadership mentorship)
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+ a growing library of exclusive thought-provoking Talks & Classes (video and audio files, pdf journal prompts)
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+ 19 incredible BONUSES from our Guides 
($2890 value)
+ ALL replays from original Matrî Festival

"Best decision I made in 2020 was to join Matrîarch Village, and I'm still here! The wisdom, support & witchery of this amazing community is the great accelerator on our path to bigness as women. This IS practical magic - where women spin together sacred ritual, nourishing practices, AND fire 🔥 advice for women entrepreneurs. I recommend this to ALL WOMEN who want to live an embodied, sensuous and grounded life AND want to be badass bosses who own the uniqueness of the female approach. From the access-anytime talks to the bi-monthly virtual gatherings, I feel like I have all the tools I need (and had been looking for) to live my best, biggest and boldest life, proudly as a woman!"

Laura Christie Khanna | Owner & Teacher at "The Odd Gumnut" Permaculture Farm (India)

"Matrîarch has been the the haven of empowerment, love, peace and power mojo for me this year. I finally started walking the path of becoming my true self, and the NEW woman that I dreamt to be four years ago. Now I'm finally surrounded by strong role models who show me how to walk in beauty and create a life based in love, respect and community. Thank you Katya, and so many other women I met through Matriarch for the pragmatic and magic teachings. Matrîarch is for every woman who is ready to shift into a new paradigm and say YES to who she really is, in communion with others."

Marion Bott | Actress, Wild Writer Teacher (Brazil)

here are just *some* of the incredible talks & bonuses already in the library:

Maya Tiwari

“Find Your Inner Medicine with Wise Earth Ayurveda: a Message from Maa.”

Elise Brathwaite

“Akashic Soul Clearing with Clairvoyant and Spiritual Sage Elise.” 


“Never Broken: How to Transmute Pain, Cure Your Anxiety, and Discover Your Soul's Voice.”

Brenda St. Louis

"How to Heal Your Relationship with Money and Become a Badass Leader: A Feminist Approach (and an Ode to Psilocybin)."

Queen J Cosmic

"How to Turn Your Magic the F&*k On and Start Revolutions by Simply Existing."

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

“A Matriarch’s Rites of Passage: Emerge Empowered and Exalted.”

Kimberly Ann Johnson

“Money, Sex & the Social Nervous System: How the Ancient Wiring of Your Feminine Rhythms Can be Tapped to Work for You, not Against You.” 

Aislinn Derbez

"The Magic of Chaos: When Everything Falls Apart."

Nadine Artemis

“Your Mighty Microbiome, the Vibrational Medicine of Plants, and Renegade Beauty Secrets of a Modern Day Matriarch.”

Layla Martin

"Lessons from Teaching 10,000 Hours of the Most Advanced Sexual Education on the Planet.

Emma 'New Earth Mama' & Eleanor Mann

"Reconnected Parenting: 3 Secrets to Creating an Extraordinary Relationship with your Children (and Yourself)." 

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

“The Great Quickening, Ancestral Communication, & Overcoming Historical Trauma with Plant, Food and Sex Medicine.”


Jocelyn Gordon

“Portal of Joy, Power & Pleasure: How Dance and Conscious Movement Saved My Life.”

Amber Magnolia Hill

“From Plant Allies to Podcast & Patreon: How to Reconnect with the Innate Earth Wisdom that Lives in Your Bones and Build a Brand on Your Terms.”

Yan Palmer

“Creativity as Survival in Challenging Times, Making Meaning with Your Business, and the Medicine of the Red Blouse.”

Tiu de Haan

“Transformational Power of Sacred Rituals: How to Create Moments of Meaning that People Will Never Forget.”


Veladya Chapman

“Earth Mama Medicine: How One Multi-Passionate Creatrix Built an Influencer Brand Inspiring Millions.”


Tamara Iglesias

"How to Break the Myths of Old School Parenting and Truly Support You and Your Child Through Really Big Emotions."

Polly Alexandre

“Clearing Money Blocks for Creatives, Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs.”

Hilary Lewin

"Mining for Diamonds: a Menopause, Sexuality, and 'Coming of Wisdom' Story."

Hannah 'The Mermaid' Fraser

“Remembering Atlantis: How a Real Life Mermaid Used Radical Creativity to Fuel Global Change.”

Maha al Musa

“Indigenous Womb Wisdom: Lessons from 23 + Years of Teaching Sacred Birth Dance on a Global Platform.”

Justine Curran

“Wisdom of Children: How to Recover Your Innate Creativity through the Power of Story.”

Janne Robinson

"Walk Tall."

Adi Shakti

"How One Woman Built an Ashram in the Jungle (and a Global 7-Figure Movement to Go With It)."

Katya Nova

Matrîarch Founder &  Host

"I’ve not only gained access to a sacred circle held and curated by Katya (who is a wondrous being), but also mountains of valuable content, practices and spaces of connection.  Matriarch is a hallway with many doors each with amazing gifts behind them! If you’re a woman invested in being the best connected version of yourself, then Matriarch is for you. We’re women of all races and walks of life who recognize the importance of honoring their past to alchemize their present moment into their wildest heavenly dreams!! If that sounds like you, don’t doubt it, come in!"

Linel Hernandez | Kindrêd Meditation Teacher (Dominican Republic)

"Because of Matrîarch, I feel less alone. Being a part of this community has helped me remember we are all divine reflections who deserve to be seen and witnessed. I recommend Matrîarch to anyone who is longing for more connection, love, and inspiration in their life. "

Hailey Biscow | Easeful Embodiment Guide (Canada)

"Matriarch- well, there’s nothing like it that I’ve experienced. It’s community medicine. I can always come into this web of sisterhood to be lifted up or held in whatever way I am needing. The raw, vulnerable, and inspiring Katya keeps me so intrigued! The women here are so amazing. What a community! My favorite part: the conversations I've had with individual women in this community make me cry happy tears of gratitude. We all deserve this."

Megan Doyle | Mother, 'Intuitive Womb,' Innate Postpartum Practitioner (California)


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