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"I've always loved Jewel's music. We are the same age and her music truly spoke to me as we embarked on the waning and waxing of adulthood in the 90's, however, I didn't realize how freaking amazing, deep, and enlightened she truly was until I watched her Talk today. The story Jewel created for her son reminds me of one of my most treasured Dr. Seuss books "My many colored days." It's truly a must-have for children and adults. Thanks so much for all of your thought-provoking ideas. I cannot wait to start my "book of lies" so I can letting go of what is NOT MINE."

I'm in,

"I told myself I could NOT afford it, and then after watching Brenda's talk I was like OMG I CAN! in fact ... I NEED TO. This is the first step towards investing in myself. And it felt SOOO good to spend that money. I was like ... TAKE MY MONEY!"


""Katya, I just wanted you to know that in your KINDRÊD meditation, I had the experience of holding hands with my Native great-great-grandmother. We completed a ritual, in sign language, she showed me and I imitated. It was so beautiful, 'll never forget it. I can't wait to see what the membership will be like!""


" I don't know what I'm loving more, the life-changing Talks or the virtual circles! I can't wait to be a part of this membership and experience the different circles every month. Especially in this crazy time we're living in. Thank you for this gift!"


" I am so, so grateful to be a part of this collective! This course found me at the right moment and has been speaking to and opening up my mind, heart and soul. It was my own mother that purchased this for me (her grown ass adult! Ha) and just from a few Talks I've heard it has opened pathways for her and I to connect and heal in ways I either never expected or didn't foresee for years from now. That alone is worth the membership. This is changing my life, my family, our HERSTORY!"

D & M

""I wish Katya could hand pick teachers for every area of my life!!" "




We brought together the most inspiring, unapologetic and extraordinary women to teach you exactly how to build the life of your dreams. 


1. how to create sacred rituals in your daily life that people will never forget 
2. how the ancient wiring of your social nervous system (as a woman) can be tapped to work for you, not against you
3. how to turn your life into art and your art into a living 
4. how to create art & content that go viral
5. how to build an empire in a saturated market to pivot gracefully when you want to switch directions in business & life
7. how to use sound frequency to call in abundance and winning ideas
8. how to heal your relationship with money & start charging what you’re worth
9. how to bring any business online even if you have no following and are starting from scratch
10. how to overcome the impostor syndrome and other fears that are holding you back
... and much more. 









25+ incredible talks. life-changing ideas. a global community of like-minded sisters.


“Never Broken: How to Transmute Pain, Cure Your Anxiety, and Discover Your Soul's Voice.”

Aislinn Derbez

"The Magic of Chaos: When Everything Falls Apart."

Maya Tiwari

“Find Your Inner Medicine with Wise Earth Ayurveda: a Message from Maa.”

Brenda St. Louis

"How to Heal Your Relationship with Money and Become a Badass Leader: A Feminist Approach (and an Ode to Mushrooms)."

Kimberly Ann Johnson

“Money, Sex & the Social Nervous System: How the Ancient Wiring of Your Feminine Rhythms Can be Tapped to Work for You, not Against You.” 

Latham Thomas

“Amplify Your Glow: Roll up Your Sleeves, This Will Change Everything.” 

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

“A Matriarch’s Rites of Passage: Emerge Empowered and Exalted.”

Emma 'New Earth Mama' & Eleanor Mann

"Reconnected Parenting: 3 Secrets to Creating an Extraordinary Relationship with your Children (and Yourself)." 

Emilee Saldaya

"Matriarchy in Action: Why Living (and Birthing) in Your Power is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do."

Lacey Haynes

“Confident, Turned On & Unstoppable: Learn Tools to Elevate Your Sex Life, Get the Relationship and Career of Your Dreams, and Finally Feel 100% YOU.”

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

“The Great Quickening, Ancestral Communication, & Overcoming Historical Trauma with Plant, Food and Sex Medicine.”


Nadine Artemis

“Your Mighty Microbiome, the Vibrational Medicine of Plants, and Renegade Beauty Secrets of a Modern Day Matriarch.”

Layla Martin

"Lessons from Teaching 10,000 Hours of the Most Advanced Sexual Education on the Planet.

Jade Beall

“Mental Health, Creativity, and How an Extraordinary Kickstarter Campaign Launched a Movement Celebrating Un-Photoshopped Bodies of Women.”

Natalie Lennard

“The Art of Offending: How to Create Art & Write Words That Go VIRAL.”

Jocelyn Gordon

“Portal of Joy, Power & Pleasure: How Dance and Conscious Movement Saved My Life.”

Amber Magnolia Hill

“From Plant Allies to Podcast & Patreon: How to Reconnect with the Innate Earth Wisdom that Lives in Your Bones and Build a Brand on Your Terms.”

Yan Palmer

“Creativity as Survival in Challenging Times, Making Meaning with Your Business, and the Medicine of the Red Blouse.”

Tiu de Haan

“Transformational Power of Sacred Rituals: How to Create Moments of Meaning that People Will Never Forget.”


Tamara Iglesias

"How to Break the Myths of Old School Parenting and Truly Support You and Your Child Through Really Big Emotions."

Polly Alexandre

“Clearing Money Blocks for Creatives, Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs.”

Hilary Lewin

"Mining for Diamonds: a Menopause, Sexuality, and 'Coming of Wisdom' Story."

Veladya Chapman

“Earth Mama Medicine: How One Multi-Passionate Creatrix Built an Influencer Brand Inspiring Millions.”


Hannah 'The Mermaid' Fraser

“Remembering Atlantis: How a Real Life Mermaid Used Radical Creativity to Fuel Global Change.”

Kimra Luna

“Welfare To $1M, the Magick of Calling in Your Guides, and a Coming Out Story with the Rebel Queen.“

Maha al Musa

“Indigenous Womb Wisdom: Lessons from 23 + Years of Teaching Sacred Birth Dance on a Global Platform.”

Sophie Jaffe

“Influencer Secrets: How to Stand Out in a Sea of 1 Billion, Work with Brands, and Charge for Collaborations.”


Lacey Barratt

“Fuck the Status Quo & Embrace the Beautiful Chaos: How a Mama of 5 Built an EMPIRE in a Saturated Market.”

Janne Robinson

"Walk Tall."

Justine Curran

“Wisdom of Children: How to Recover Your Innate Creativity through the Power of Story.”

Adi Shakti

"How One Woman Built an Ashram in the Jungle (and a Global 7-Figure Movement to Go With It)."

Katya Nova

"Welcome to Matrîarch Collective: a Virtual Village and Mastermind Community for Women Creators."

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