How to Sell Anything (with Integrity), Master Collaborative Partnerships (Affiliate-Style) &

Finally Understand the Feminine Energetics of Money to

Create the Life of Your Dreams. 


Have you ever tried to promote something on your Instagram and got zero clicks or comments? It sucks. Or maybe you were excited to become an affiliate for a product or course but didn’t make much $?

Or, perhaps you've never sold anything, don't feel worthy and want to finally heal that sh*t! It’s a jungle out there… but luckily, human behavior is predictable and we cracked the code!! 

Hi, I’m Katya Nova and I want to invite you to a very special party (ahem, I mean, training!)

A couple of months ago I launched a project called The Confessions. I owe its success entirely to affiliate relationships (and to FINALLY dropping the shame I felt around 'selling').

In just a few weeks, this collaborative course generated $450,000+ in sales and I paid out $175,000+ in commissions. And most importantly, we had so much FUN!

I asked my top earning collaborators (most of them are mamas with small kids) if they'd be willing to share their secrets?! How were they able to easily make 5K, 10K, 20K in commissions just from posting on ig or writing a few emails? (and no, not all of them had a big following).


"Katya, I think I cracked the code!" a few of them told me. 

That's when I KNEW we had to put together this bootcamp training for you and spill all the beans. 






... it's a LIVE PANEL of 11 extraordinary women who are really great at making money out of thin air— or so it seems. 

... it's the most comprehensive, no-bullshit, hands-on training & soulful transmission on how to sell ANYTHING, let go of that imposter syndrome, and amplify your message (and wealth!) through relationships. You'll also learn to finally understand the feminine energetics of money in a new way.  

... attend LIVE and spend the day with us or binge the replay segments in a beautiful library later.



THE MONEY BOOTCAMP was a one-day Transmission from Women in Wealth (back in July). This event went VIRAL and we had 4800+ women (and a few men) in attendance! We've now turned it into an extraordinary binge-worthy REPLAY COLLECTION of 45-min Ted-Talk style classes for you! 🥳


“One of the most incredible and informative events i’ve ever attended on how to make 💸 online.” - Diana P


“This Matriarchal framework is blowing my mind, the authenticity, diversity… it’s lighting me on fire and I can feeeeeel the shift!!  it’s our birthright to thrive and not in this extractive, damaging paradigm.  time to change!  thank you thank you!” - Nori


“This was the best money I've ever spent. I'm feeling so empowered, so whole, so safe. 🙏🏽” - Kitana


“I want to watch these masterclasses over and over again. Pure magic. Thank you!” - Leila

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OPENING CEREMONY with Elise Brathwaite @elise_brathwaite
Elise is a Clairvoyant, Sage & Modern-Day Oracle.

“When we don’t remember who we are, we live a life in suffering because we can’t see the challenges that are happening to us, are really there happening for us…. yes, even the fucking worst shit. 

As a Clairvoyant Channel, I tap in to the collective consciousness of the group to channel impactful healing from Spirit. As Spirit shows me pictures and messages, my ego and mind move out of the way for the clear channelled transmissions, guidance and activations to come through. I am here to empower people with knowledge, information and tools so that they can stop looking outside of themselves for answers, validations, love, safety, and truth. I am here to help you remember who you really are! ” - Elise 

Elise will open the container for us early in the morning to begin clearing blocks around money, abundance & self-worth. It's a truly one of a kind experience to be in her presence, especially if you can make it LIVE. 



Lacey Haynes @verylacey
Lacey has been featured in BBC, Guardian, The Economist (the list goes on) — she is a dear friend and one of THE sharpest and most creative entrepreneurs I know. Lacey is most known for her podcast, which went viral in 192 countries when she released an episode where her and her husband had sex LIVE on air. (Don’t worry, she’ll teach us plenty of tricks that are a wee bit less extreme!) 
In her brilliant Masterclass — Wet, Wise & Wealthy™ — Lacey will teach us to move from disembodied and cringey to soulful and sexy sales. She’ll share practicals on how she’s done over a quarter million in launches, plus tens of thousands in affiliate dollars. She’ll also share the exact three questions she asks herself whenever it’s time to ask for the sale (or as she calls it: exchange some mother-loving energy). Whether you’re a yoga teacher, coach, new entrepreneur, or a dedicated Mother wanting to start your journey in making money and impact, this is for you. Prepare to get wet, wise and wealthy.
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Amber Magnolia Hill @mythicmedicine
Amber is the founder of a most-beloved podcast called Medicine Stories, which she’s been able to monetize brilliantly without any ads. In addition to running her boutique herbal apothecary, Amber collaborates with a handful of carefully selected affiliate projects - and absolutely LOVES the financial abundance these relationships bring.
"Matriarchal Money Magic" is a paradigm-shifting masterclass on wealth creation. Amber will workshop her exact strategy, with screenshots of posts & stories to show with you how easy and gratifying affiliate launches can be.

Amber has made 50K in sales so far this year, from collaborative partnerships alone. She believes that funneling money into the hands of women is the way to dismantle toxic capitalism and change the world.
Freya Kellet   @freya_kellet
Freya is going to share her hot-tips for wishy-washy political correctness (nothing sells like blandness!), branding your business to death, and shriveling up your pussy so you can sell like a man.
She's made over 100K in affiliate sales (on collaborative projects) in the past 6 months ... by following *none* of the rules. Freya didn't 'crack the code' on making money online, she became the code. 
She's going to share her journey of using IG as her yoga-mat and making bank while doing it. 
Oh, and she'll also give you the sexy goods on how the money started spilling over when she said YES to the sweet love of her man. 
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Veladya Chapman   @veladyaorganica
Veladya is an herbalist, entheogen facilitator, homesteader, and womb wisdom keeper. 15M+ on Youtube. She is also a single mama and a multi-talented entrepreneur on a mission to create an empire.
"I recently made $38,000 in 6 days in a collaborative project that I didn't even have my own content in! We (women) are the ones who DESERVE to have wealth because we know what to do with the money and how to use it for good." 
She'll share exactly how she started working with brands and charging for content creation and how she plans to fund her next dream (yes, we'll find out what it is!)
Veladya has truly 'cracked the code' in affiliate marketing and is ready to share all her secrets! You don't want to miss this.  


Sophie Jaffe @sophie.jaffe
Sophie is the founder of Philosophie Superfoods and is the most authentic, creative, and down-to-earth ‘influencer' you’ll ever meet! She will teach her signature Masterclass "5 Secrets to Becoming an Instagram Influencer—and Making Money Doing So (Even Without a Large Following)!"
You better get your notebook ready. You might think you’ve heard it all before, but Sophie brings FIRE. She’ll share secrets no one in the industry talks about and will inspire you to finally get over that imposter syndrome and create the life you've been dreaming of.
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Sufey Chen @sufeyc
Wow this woman carries ‘abundance codes,’ if there’s such a thing (there IS!) and all you have to do to receive them is pay close attention and stay open.
Sufey is an unschooling mama who has sold over $2 million in tickets to her retreats, gatherings + teacher trainings around the world. Last year she launched her first online course (to a tiny instagram following) + generated 165K. In her words, "I believe that cultivating the ability to hold wealth / spread wealth allows us to deeply heal, nourish our communities, and return the birthright of abundance to our grandchildren."
What she loves most about affiliate relationships is the sisterhood: "It's brilliant fun, we all learn a lot from each other, AND the cross-promotion creates so much abundance."
In her class “Aquarian Age of Abundance,” she’ll explain what it means to work in an ‘aquarian’ way (and how to capitalize on this new technology), how to go “deeper not wider” and create authentic content that converts (even with a tiny audience), and how to use the Law of Reciprocity for meaningful engagement (the kind that makes both the algorithm and your bank account happy). 
Sarah Rhinelander @blissmother
Sarah is a worldschooling rebel Mama of 4 who made over a million dollars in the last 24 months, working less than 20 hours a week while traveling the world with her family (#goals). 
In her Masterclass  Legacy of Leverage: Unlearn, Repattern, and Create the Time to Savor Your Life"  she's going to teach you how to reprogram the belief that limitation is built into the money-making equation.
She'll offer insight that will shift your inner beliefs and mindset around money, opening your eyes to new systems and structures to create and grow massive wealth. Get ready for a beautiful future brimming with the realized dreams and visions of the matriarchs. This is going to be epic.
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Fernanda Parra @her.flowering

“In matriarchy, money was for women. Money was ‘of’ women. Money flowed through the hands of women. So it’s a full on activation and remembrance that takes us back to this woman-archetype that held money so gracefully, for the entire village. There was a mother-centric knowledge of what to do with the wealth.”   - Fernanda

Fernanda will teach us the science and magic of exactly how our FREQUENCY affects our ability to generate sales/wealth. 
She is a keeper & teacher of ancestral wisdom and is a sought-after designer of rituals and rites of passage. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, she uses the sacred technologies of frequency, sound, and storytelling to help women unearth our innate gifts, connect us to our authentic voice, and allow wealth and abundance to flow into our lives with ease and grace. 
Qiddist Ashé
'How did you do it, Qiddist?' you'll want to ask. Because among all the voices who speak on radical female health, embodiment, and womb sovereignty, her brand stands out like no other. 
In Qiddist’s inspiring masterclass, "The Somatics of Receiving and Showing Up Online As a Spiritual Practice," she’ll teach us how we can expand our capacity to receive through the body and use somatic nervous system practices to show up online unapologetically. Qiddist will also share how to speak in our truth amidst cancel culture and the pressures of being credentialed,  and reorient to social media as a spiritual practice that creates pussy-centered abundance emotionally AND financially.
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Biba Tanya @biba_tanya
Biba is a single mother of 3 living in Portugal. Her story will bring tears to your eyes and leave your jaw on the floor. 
“9 years ago I was a fully fledged member of the Matrix. I was a sex worker with huge silicone breasts, bought and sold by wealthy bankers. Then, 2020 was my year of faith. I ‘cracked the wealth code’ since being in Katya’s ‘Confessions’ and now I can’t stop the money rolling in!"
She’ll share how reaching out to a sunscreen boutique changed her life and opened her world to affiliate relationships. You’ll learn about the power of reciprocity, sisterhood, and using your voice (no matter what). Biba is feisty, inspiring AF and will blast your hearts open to see money & wealth differently. 
Biba confesses, “two years ago I was making £60 a month from online collaborations… and now I've just had my first 3 back to back 5 figure months, totaling over 30K since May. And I know it's just the beginning." 
Katya Nova @nurturingnovas
Katya created the platform Matrîarch when covid started (and her photography business on the island in Dominican disappeared overnight). Since then, the projects under the Matrîarch brand have generated $1M+ dollars - the wealth shared with hundreds of women in her community.
She will take you behind the scenes of The Confessions and share her favorite strategy & secrets that made it a success.
She’ll also teach you how to get over the imposter syndrome, why you need to think like a wealthy woman, and how understanding that money is a feminine energy can shift everything in your life. 
Let’s figure out what you want to ’sell like hot cakes,’ because if you implement this wisdom, you’ll be able to sell annnnything just using your phone! 
Katya lives in Costa Rica with her 4 children, their dad, and a mini-village of loving support. She’s currently focused on bringing her vision of ‘modern matriarchy’ to life, amplifying women’s voices, and making her 30ft yurt the most lavish and sacred home she’s ever lived in. 
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“One of the most incredible and informative events i’ve ever attended on how to make 💸 online.”

- Diana P

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"This is the most value I’ve EVER received from a course or online event and I am blown away with the magic of all of these women both in the panel and all the humans showing up live in the chat! What a beautiful, intentional, powerful sacred container! Thank you tenfold!! Best $111 ever spent.”

- Hana B

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“This is all blowing my mind. This bootcamp is blasting past my highest expectations in every beautiful and empowering way. Life has an instruction manual and it is love and integrity.”

- Seamus

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People hate ads, they’d much rather ask a friend. Or someone they trust. Or someone they like! That’s why affiliate and ‘influencer’ marketing is THE thing. It really works. 

(Even if you have 50 followers on insta - these people are listening to you and will take *your* word over any commercial!)


In this Full Day CONFESSIONS MONEY BOOTCAMP Training, we'll teach you simple strategies that really work -- to sell absolutely anything (your products or program, or someone else's) without feeling like you're annoying people, or like you don't know what to say. 


This could easily be a $2000 training, but we've come together to make this super affordable for you. Let us show you EXACTLY how we did it because when women thrive, our families THRIVE, and when our families thrive, our communities THRIVE. 




But really, it's even BIGGER than that.

Women are waking up to what's possible when we stop making ourselves small.

We're waking up to the realization that if we're not comfortable receiving money and indulging our desires, we'll never be comfortable with people paying us. 


Women building wealth can - and will - change the world. Straight up. Full stop. 

What if money was a tool to amplify what you believe in? What if money could be a tool for reciprocity and healing?