Follow along the Wheel of the Year at your own pace. Bring the Sacred Back into Family Life.
















Family Bonding Rituals

for the Modern Family


40-volume Wheel of the Year Collection


Each volume (mini-mag issue) contains some combination of: 
simple, fun & transformational bonding experiments (for every kind of family with kids 0-13), rituals & crafts tied to the Seasons, nature's Elements, Wheel of the Year, daily rhythms, songs & rhymes, inspiring stories (real life & mythic tales from around the world), and delightful surprises. 
Each gorgeous mini-magazine comes with an audio file (to listen on the go).
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In 2021 we committed to a huge and beautiful project: we'd produce 40 gorgeous mini-magazine volumes that would take you on a journey through the Wheel of the Year, 5 Elements, 4 Seasons, monthly and daily rhythms...

... one family bonding ritual at a time.  


 This was no small feat!

The four of us Nûla godmother fairies worked on this project tirelessly from different corners of the world: Katya in Costa Rica, Kira in Dominican Republic, Karina in Norway, and Fernanda in Oregon. And in that year, we'd been through so much. 


The concept was simple: each volume contained one family bonding ritual along with a story (real life or mythic tale), rhyme or song, unique herbal recipe, or some other delightful inspiration.


The rituals & crafts are designed to be short, meaningful, and perfect for any family with kids ages 0-13. 


Each Nûla Volume (you get all 40 in one Collection!) contains the best, tried & true (tested on many kids & grumpy dads!) adventures, seasonal lore & practical Earth magic.


Lovingly designed to help you be a closer family.


Cosmic Queen J,

Motivational Speaker

"Wow, sistas! This is elevating for the entire family. 
NÛLA invites us to remember who we truly are.
This is what the world needs right now, to experience this absolute magic!

Maya Tiwari,

Founder of Wise Earth

School of Ayurveda 


“This message is golden for our time of fears and unrest.
This work supports the rebirthing of the Shakti: Primordial Feminine power necessary for the preservation and nourishment of the Earth.”

Aislinn Derbez,


Each week I look forward to what's next!  
It feels like I've connected to a new part of myself. And thanks to NÛLA, I'm even better at creating Magic from Chaos!
¡Gracias, hermanas!"

From our thriving Nûla community: 

  As I type this it brings tears to my eyes for the joy that Nûla has brought to me, and for what this is teaching to my child. She repeated what I spoke to her about, that sadness should be communal, not tucked away, and that it's important to hold space for others, as they can fully feel joy, grief, elation, remembrance, and love.
We have now successfully carved out special bonding time each Thursday. This morning Luna asked me "how many days until we do the family altar circle again?"
- Danielle. 


"thank you for bringing us together! i am already experiencing so many shifts just in the first week of this course. some of which i cannot yet bring words to. i feel such a sense of connection today, and a renewed dedication to my partnership within our family. we are smiling more and looking at each other in a new way. Nûla is exquisite magic!"
- Fei


"These are THE most meaningful & inspirational teachings I've ever encountered. I get overcome with emotion when I read and watch what you have created. There is something yearning within and I'm so grateful and blessed that I found Nûla!"
- Wendy

meet katya, karina & fernanda

These mamas are best friends and the founders of Nû Earth unSchool in Dominican Republic, on the beautiful island of Quisqueya.
Over the last 10 years, they’ve created unique ceremonies and moments of meaning for 100’s of families and children from all over the world. 
Karina is an award-winning family photojournalist, artist and designer.
Katya is an educator, creator of Matrîarch Collective, Wise Earth Ayurveda practitioner, yogini, birthkeeper, and a weaver of magic.


By total coincidence, both their husbands have glorious beards, strange tattoos, and give off Viking vibes.
Fernanda Parra is the founder of HerFlowering, a keeper & teacher of ancestral wisdom and a sought-after Ritual Designer. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, she uses sacred Medicine Songs (in English and Spanish) to help women unearth their innate magical powers, connect to their voice and deep well of wisdom within.
Between the 3 of them there are 8 children and two spirit babies (for now).


On any day, you’ll find them sipping tea out of recycled glass peanut butter jars, designing rite of passage rituals, and remembering the wisdom in their bones. 
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"Timo is 7 and we were feeling the pressure to start talking about things we cannot see, especially when I unexpectedly lost my Dad. This year has been so hard, in so many ways!  The nûla adventures & rituals are literally ANCHORS of joy and sanity for us.
Even when we do a super quick one, once a week, somehow we're kinder and more patient with each other!
- The Helger Family, Norway
“As a proud single mom, I’ve always prioritized quality time with Sebastian. He’s my world!
But as he grows older, I’ve felt a bit lost. What should we actually do?
These rituals are amazing. They’re not just one-time activities -- I can really see them becoming a new way of life for our family!”
- Sasha, Dominican Republic
"There's so much wisdom ... in VITAMIN FORM! Ideas I can actually do with my grandkids (ages 8 and 10), without special materials and preparation. I'm continuously inspired! Can't thank you enough. This is so helpful."


- Alice, Canada















we are an nû family, 

we are an old family, 

Closer than before


A Collection of our favorite verses, affirmations, blessings & poems (for deep connection & beautiful feels)

As women, we have forgotten simple ancient skills and the practical magic that used to strengthen our families and heal communities.