Rachelle Garcia Seliga, founder of INNATE TRADITIONS

Masterclass: “A Matriarch’s Rites of Passage: Emerge Empowered and Exalted.”

BONUS (for Premium Access Pass): "Cultivating Health & Resiliency in our Young Children."



Rachelle is true modern-day Matriarch. Her work as a ‘midwife’ embraces the original meaning of this word, which is caretaker of women’s health from ‘womb to tomb.’  

She is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care, a Certification Training for birth workers, health care providers and traditional healers worldwide - but actually, the only requirement or prerequisite is the commitment to thriving LIFE, through the pathway of Maternal Health. She draws upon the modern sciences of Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, the Primal Continuum, Womanist Physiology and Anatomy combined with traditional teachings that help us remember that traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood memory

She hosts a revolutionary ONLINE Postpartum training (next registration opens January 2021) or you could also fly to beautiful Taos New Mexico to study with her in person. 

Learn more about her life & work here.

Follow her on instagram @innatetraditions.


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