Matrîarch Collective is a virtual village, a sisterhood, and a mastermind, where together we explore what it means to become a modern-day Matriarch.  
This Collection of inspiring, heart-opening, paradigm-shifting Talks is the beginning of our MatrîLibrary, a virtual treasure chest of wisdom on the topics of business as an artform, ancestral healing, conscious parenting, sacred sexuality, ritual design, herbalism, womb healing, photography, food as medicine and more. 


“Matrîarch Collective’s message is golden for our time of fears and unrest. This work supports the rebirthing of the Shakti: Primordial Feminine power necessary for the preservation and nourishment of the Earth.”
-Maya Tiwari, Founder of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

“Never Broken: How to Transmute Pain, Cure Your Anxiety, and Discover Your Soul's Voice.

“I absolutely loved Jewel, she shook me to my core. Thank you times a million, this community has really helped me on a path to healing that I’ve been yearning for, for a very long time. I now have some tools that I need to start my healing Journey!” - Allysha P.
Jewel is a 4 times grammy award nominated singer songwriter, producer, actress, New York times bestselling author, poet, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is also a spiritual teacher and a really great mom. Jewel grew up in Alaska, her mom left when she was 8, Jewel left home at 15, was homeless at 18, and just 3 years later, at 21, her album Pieces of You sold 12 mil records, declared as one of the biggest debuts of all time. At 23 she was on the cover of Time Magazine. Jewel humbly attributes her success to building a career in community, not music.
Talking to Jewel was as magical as I thought it would be, if not more. She drops absolute gold nuggets of wisdom non-stop for the entire hour, so I suggest you settle in with a journal.
In this beautiful conversation, Jewel shares what she learnt from watching people in pain while singing in bars with her father from the time she was 8; how one quote became the greatest gift and helped her turn her life around, one thought at a time; the story of the golden statue; how to teach mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence to your kids; the feminine ways of doing business, why she’s not a fan of affirmations, and how to be the artist of your life. Jewel also reminds us what is the real source of anxiety in our lives, what is the only coping mechanism that actually works, and how she ‘accidentally’ discovered what made anxiety disappear. And really, there is so much more.
At the time of this recording, she’s about to release her newest book with a foreword by Echart Tolle, and a new album, which addresses the gap between where culture is and what we’re seeing reflected back to us in the media and arts.
Songlines by Jewel, our wonderful sponsor, created a limited edition collection specifically for Matriarch and graciously extended a discount code for all the women in Matriarch Collective.
'MATRIARCH25' for 25% off at  songlinesbyjewel.com

“Transformational Power of Sacred Rituals: How to Create Moments of Meaning that People Will Never Forget.”  

“Your collective energy - Tiu and Katya - literally makes me feel like there is confetti exploding out of my soul. Eternal head nods and excitement!” - Kathleen C.
If there were Women's Choice Awards, Tiu's Talk would be a clear favorite.
Tiu de Haan is an Oxford educated ritual designer, creative facilitator, inspirational speaker and voiceover artist. Her work is all about making moments of meaning and seeing the magic in the mundane, reconnecting with our ability to experience the wonder in the world. Whether it’s a talk, an online course, a workshop, a ritual or a one to one session, Tiu engages with that which unites us rather than that which divides us, giving people of all backgrounds and beliefs new and creative ways to transform our experiences. She has worked with the UN, the World Economic Forum, Google and Bank of America, and her Ted talk ‘why we still need ritual’ is all about the art of celebrating the transitions of life, love and death. She lives on a beautiful houseboat in London. She also writes love letters to strangers and leaves them in nooks all over the city.”
BONUS RECORDING for Premium Pass holders: Tiu de Haan teaches us exactly how to create a ritual. It’s so, so good, and practical. In that bonus, Tiu walks us through exactly how she created a beautiful ritual for a mother and a 2-year old boy whose father had just tragically died. PDF with a ritual ‘checklist’ included, so you will be able to create your own, meaningful rituals - in your own life as well as for your loved ones.
@tiudehaan1  |  tiudehaan.com
"Money, Sex & the Social Nervous System: How the Ancient Wiring of Your Feminine Rhythms Can be Tapped to Work for You, not Against You." 
"The 'Healing Through Eroticism' Bonus is worth at least $97 on its own. I just want a pocket-sized Kimberly to keep on my shoulder for all of life. Can we make that happen?" - Kathleen
Every time I talk to Kimberly, she blows my mind. In this talk we’re about to learn how the ancient wiring of our feminine nervous systems can be tapped to work for us and not against us, to think of trauma as un-metabolized experiences in our system, how to use breath to heal, how the Jaguar energy can help us get what we want in life and business, and how flight or freeze responses manifest when it comes to money, how ice baths might be exactly what you’ve been missing, and if you watch the video version of this Talk, you’ll also enjoy my pathetic attempt to growl at Kimberly. There’s so much more. This might be a conversation you may want to listen to more than once.
Kimberly Johnson is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, postpartum care advocate, birth doula, educator, breath work practitioner, and single mom.
When I first became familiar with her work, Kimberly ran a private practice in California training birth professionals, bodyworkers, and somatic therapists to help women with issues such as prolapse, incontinence, painful sex, and other pelvic floor and gynecological issues. I’ve heard her say that her work is at the intersection of sex, birth, and trauma.
She now lives in New York City and mostly teaches online. Her epic free masterclasses are not to miss, with topics like Healing from Gynecological Trauma, Activate Your Inner Jaguar, Trauma & Transcendence, a series of classes on the Nervous System (like Sex, Money, and the Nervous System), and most recently, a Business & Leadership mastermind for women.
A bit of back story: Kimberly used to live on a tropical island in Brazil. That’s where she had her daughter - and after a great pregnancy and a home birth, she was shocked by how difficult and lengthy her healing journey had been. This journey led her to eventually write the bestseller “4th Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing Your Emotions, and Restoring Your Vitality.” And a second book is currently in the works. I can’t wait!
 If you're a Premium Pass holder, don't miss Kimberly's amazing
BONUS CLASS: "Healing Through Eroticism." 
@magamamas   |  magamama.com

"Earth Mama Medicine: How One Multi-Passionate Creatrix Built an Influencer Brand Inspiring Millions." 

“I am beyond grateful that I bought a premium pass so that I could see this bonus sharing. The transparency, honesty, and vulnerability - wow. I was so glad that you came back at the end laughing at the green figurine belonging to your child - it was so wonderful and made my heart feel lighter.” - Teresa D.
In an extremely short period of time, Veladya Chapman has risen to become one of the most sought after influencers in the wellness, lifestyle and health industry. Within her first year on social media, Veladya grew to over 100,000 highly-engaged followers and subscribers.
Veladya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Acting & Musical Theatre. She has gone on to perform on Broadway in the Award winning musical, The Book of Mormon and guest-starred in roles on series like CBS’ Instinct.  
Veladya is a a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a prominent figure in the reproductive health community having influenced millions of people to elevate their lives. Veladya now helps heal people from all over the world through her books, educational Youtube videos, mentorship and public speaking.  
We’re about to learn how Veladya went from living in a van with her partner and a hairless cat to an extraordinary influencer brand “Earth Mama Medicine,” how a 3-day women’s slumber party in Brooklyn shifted everything, how she almost lost her entire youtube channel, how she manifested her dream home; Veladya also teaches us how to begin collaborating with brands & sponsorships, even when you don’t have a large following. To top it off, we dive into sex and psychedelics.
let me warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart (especially if you’re plant-based), but both Veladya and I decided to use this moment to speak our truth about veganism and health, in the very personal journeys we’ve had. There are some very beautiful parallels between our conversation and Maya Tiwari’s talk. If this is triggering or upsetting or affirming for you - we lovingly hold you!
@earthmamamedicine  |  earthmamamedicine.com

"How to Heal Your Relationship with Money and Become a Badass Leader: A Feminist Approach (and an Ode to Mushrooms)." 

“I listened to this talk at 3:30am as my 4 month old daughter was wide awake. This resonates so deeply within me. As a child I heard so often “it’s not in the budget,” that to this day as a 32 year old Mama, I continue to say that in my head and have so much guilt when I “want things.” I don't want to pass on this programming to my child, and instead teach her to have a relationship with money that is positive and encouraging. Watching you Katya be so vulnerable and share your fears and how Brenda walked you through to find the core of the issue helped me find within myself where my insecurity of money derived from. Very enlightening and so very helpful. I feel I could heal many wounds through financial therapy, which I had no idea I needed, until now!” - Katelyn D.
Join me as we dissect the relationship many women have with money through the lens or epigenetics, Jungian Archetypes and simple brain rewiring techniques that can help you decide to take back the reins of your finances, no matter your current situation.
We’re about to learn how financial therapy cultivates the ability to be present, so we don’t fall into old money patterns, how to approach our challenges around money as women, heal our ancestors’ money stories, how to use EFT and hypnosis to rewire your worth and beliefs around money, and so much more.
We finish the conversation with … a discussion on the life-affirming power of Mushrooms - yes, I’m talking about psilocybin here.
 She takes a feminist approach to money, which requires that we properly navigate sustainability, unlike the more masculine approach of ‘more is better’.
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, you have the Matriarch Collective membership for an entire year as a gift, which means you will have a front row seat to learning from Brenda, as she helps me with breakthroughs around money and abundance.
With the Premium Access Pass, you also have Brenda’s extraordinary BONUSES: one is the “Create Your Future NOW” Course and one of her signature meditations: Hypnosis for Self-Worth.
It’s an unbelievable gift. 
@brendastlouis  |  brendastlouis.com

“Indigenous Womb Wisdom: Lessons from 23 + Years of Teaching Sacred Birth Dance on a Global Platform.”

“Maha Al Musa interview … so powerful… so triggering… so meaningful… so necessary.” - Drea
Maha al Musa is an award-winning childbirth educator, international speaker, extended breastfeeding advocate, and a mother to 3 beautiful children. Maha gave birth to her last, her daughter Aminah, when she was 46 years. It was a homebirth in water and Maha went on to breastfeed her daughter till she self weaned at 8.5. When Maha was 54! They have both been featured and interviewed on various TV shows, magazines and online publications, including a Discovery Channel documentary.
Maha is the founder of EmbodyBirth, which is her signature program for birth professionals and mothers-to-be. She’s the author of book 'Dance of the Womb: The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth.' It’s the world’s first book that explores the ENORMOUS physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of belly dance as a prenatal exercise and process during labour. Through her wisdom and intimate storytelling, she helps us bridge the gap between the primal brain (which knows how to give birth) and the modern woman (who may need to be reminded of her instinctual capacity).
I cried pretty much through the entire Talk. Maha’s life story is heartbreakingly beautiful, and so many life lessons unfold. It was an honor to sit with Maha. She speaks of the experience of rejecting her Arab ethnicity when she was younger, of grieving the loss of her cultural identity in the confusing realm of East meets West, and her journey of healing the Mother wound.
We’re about to learn how being kidnapped away from her mother at 6 months of age shaped Maha’s life, how hearing her mother’s voice for the first time marked Maha’s life forever and the promise she made to herself, how belly dance shifts our body into expansion and surrender, what makes our cervix is the emotional gateway, how Maha dealt with the negative backlash after stories of her extended breastfeeding went viral, and valuable business wisdom.
@maha_al_musa | mahaalmusa.com

"A Matriarch’s Rites of Passage: Emerge Empowered and Exalted." 

“I’ve listened to Rachelle García Seliga twice already and it’s as if she’s weaving the wisdom from our ancestors, the earth and her elements, and our deep humanity into one perfectly timed and all important message.” - Wildbloom
Rachelle is here to share with us a message passed down from her elders, who have taught her that all spiritual practices and traditions are part of our shared commonality and meant to serve us in our path to healing.
We connected for this powerful Talk from our homes, in rural New Mexico and my island in the Caribbean, while self-isolating in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This led into a rich conversation about the fear that arises in all of us, the more disconnected we are from that which guarantees our survival: water, clean air and community.
Dive deep with us to understand the importance of rites of passage that are inherent to the physicality of a woman and why they are meant to transform us every time.
Rachelle Garcia Seliga has been working in traditional midwifery care for more than 15 years, but that’s not what makes her a Matriarch — she runs a holistic well-woman care practice, focused on prevention, and not only diagnosis, as is customary, because she believes it is our birthright to receive the kind of support we want and need, when we want and need it…
She is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care, a training for birth and health care providers and healers worldwide.
Premium Access Pass BONUS CLASS: “Cultivating Resiliency in Our Young Children.”
Don't miss it. It’s a paradigm-shifting, powerful, uplifting, important conversation. 
@innatetraditions  |  innatetraditions.com

"Find Your Inner Medicine with Wise Earth Ayurveda: a Message from Maa." 

Maya Tiwari is a humanitarian, world peace leader and author. Also called "Mother Maya," she is an international teacher of Ayurveda, a health activist and the founder of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda and Mother Om Mission. She is the daughter of a Brahmin priest, whose family originated from India. Maya was born in Guyana, and moved to New York City, where she became a sought-after fashion designer at the age of 18. Her fashion boutique "Maya" was a prominent store on Madison Avenue, where she served clientele like Princess Diana and many other celebrities.
At the age of 25 Mother Maya survived a five-year-long journey with ovarian cancer. With a diagnosis of six months to live, she retreated to a cabin in the Vermont woods, returned to her Indian ancestors’ Ayurvedic roots, and employed herbs, nutrition, meditation, chanting and yoga to heal herself both physically and spiritually. In 1981, Maya established the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda, the first school for Ayurveda studies in North America, based in the knowledge of the Greater Vedas. The Mother Om Mission (MOM) is a nonprofit organization that provides Ayurveda education and services to at-risk communities in New York’s inner cities and in Guyana. Mother Maya says that “Inner Medicine Healing is based on the concept that each one of us has the ability to heal ourselves.” A key part of her teachings is The Cosmic Memory Principle, which refers to achieving healing through the collective timeless memories of all species and life forms in the universe. Mother Maya was given the distinction of “World Peace Leader” by the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 2009. She’s the author of several ground-breaking books, my favorites are The Path of Practice, A Woman’s Power to Heal, and Living Ahimsa Diet. Those books absolutely changed my life.
Studying with Mother Maya in person was such an honor, it had changed my life. 
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, you have access to the Matriarch Collective membership for an entire year as a gift, and we’ll be discussing many of the Wise Earth Ayurveda teachings there. Mother Maya’s bonus offering for our members is the Living Ahimsa Meditation course.   
@wiseearth  |   wiseearthschool.com

"Matriarchy in Action: Why Living (and Birthing) in Your Power is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do." 

Let me introduce you to Emilee Saldaya. She is the founder of Free Birth Society, a global community and education platform dedicated to providing radical content for mothers and birth-keepers on the power of instinctive pregnancy, physiological birth, and wild mothering. She is also a dear friend - we’ve been on each other’s podcasts, we co-hosted an incredible women’s retreat in Dominican Republic, and I hope we’ll have many more adventures together. If you haven’t heard of Emilee and Free Birth Society, let me put it this way: if anyone pregnant comes across my radar, her podcast is THE first place I send them to. And not just because all my birth stories are on it - FBS is the most inspiring virtual space for birthing women and new mothers. Emilee has her own incredible private community, the flagship Free Birth Online Course, as well as the Radical Birthkeeper School. 
We always have great conversations, but this Talk is very special. "Matriarchy in Action: Why Living (and Birthing) in Your Power is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do." You’re about to hear how we calibrate ourselves to the frequencies we’re around, why light always wins, how to charge an altar in your home, how sisterhood & money go together, why creating female-only spaces is so important, and what Matriarchy actually means.
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, make sure you watch the BONUS RECORDING, in which Emilee and I guide you through exactly how we created a sacred Blood Mysteries ritual.
If you’re drawn to the idea of holding women’s circles and want to know exactly how to put together a special ritual or ceremony, you’ll want to tune in.
Emilee even shares the exact script she wrote - it’s priceless wisdom. 
@freebirthsociety  |  freebirthsociety.com

"From Plant Allies to Podcast & Patreon: How to Reconnect with the Innate Earth Wisdom that Lives in Your Bones and Build a Brand on Your Terms."

We drop right into it and discuss how to care for our nervous system, especially during challenging times of anxiety and overwhelm, how we can connect to our ancestors, how and we can break the cycle of shame for our daughters. Amber opens up about her entrepreneurship journey: from vintage clothing and blogging to herbalism and podcasting. We talk about how to ask for what we want, how to grow a loyal and supportive following on social media and Patreon, and, we demystify affiliate marketing relationships as a framework for sisterhood & reciprocity.
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, make sure to download Amber’s Bonus, it’s an absolutely priceless resource guide of “her favorite things.” If you know Amber - anything she stands behind is absolute GOLD, from book suggestions to plant medicine guidance. Just to give you an idea, some of the topics covered in this amazing guide are: matrilineal healing, love & grief, entrepreneurship, and the v word.
Amber is a magically talented herbalist and hosts one of my most favorite podcasts in the world, Medicine Stories. Amber creates plant medicines for people who yearn for knowledge about herbalism, deepening ancestral connections, and all the ways we come to know the deep self. She helps folks to drop the cultural lies of disconnection and disempowerment, and to remember that this wisdom is in our bones.   
@mythicmedicine  |  mythicmedicine.love

"Reconnected Parenting: 3 Secrets to Creating an Extraordinary Relationship with your Children (and Yourself)."

We’re about to learn the 3 Secrets to Creating an Extraordinary Relationship with your Children (and Yourself) - these are the pillars of their signature course, Reconnected Parenting. Also, the absolute magic of connected play, the different types of breath work that can be absolutely transformative in your parenting and your life, how to be present with your children even when they are raging, and, Emma, Eleanor & I finish with a very honest conversation about navigating the world of digital entrepreneurship, as busy mothers. This discussion felt so healing, supportive and inspiring!
Their course, Reconnected Parenting, was the first affiliate relationship I’d ever had and it totally shifted my perspective. I’m really proud to be an Expander/Affiliate for them and it’s been so fun to learn together, strategize, and cheer for each other’s success. As you probably already know, when you become a member of Matrîarch Collective, you have access to our amazing expander program - it’s been my favorite way to apply principles of bringing sisterhood, reciprocity & money together.  A brilliant quote you’ll hear later in this interview:
to be a Matriarch is to know that all of us have the knowing that there is something to rebirth. I love that so much.
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, don't miss the BONUS MUST-LISTEN 14-min recording "How Babies & Breathwork Manifest Abundance (and How to Realllly Ask for What You Want)." It's SO GOOD.
With the Premium Access Pass you also have access to another special Bonus, which is a special integration breath work session Emma and Eleanor created especially for the women of Matriarch Collective.

"Remembering Atlantis: How a Real Life Mermaid Used Radical Creativity to Fuel Global Change."  

"My most favourite talks so far. WOW. This human is epic. I have to listen to it again. She is diving into the void in the most connected way. Love the Beluga kiss on her 3rd eye. WOW." - Brenda S.L.
Hannah Fraser is the first freelance professional mermaid in the world. Her passion began at an early age when she created her first tail at age 9. She’s worked in film and television for many years, and has been featured in short films, music videos, advertising campaigns, photo shoots, environmental documentaries, large scale events, aquariums, and parties around the globe. She appeared in the Oscar award winning film, ‘The Cove,’ and she starred in a special feature, risking her life to swim with Great White Sharks!
Hannah is known worldwide for her ocean conservation and underwater performance art. She’s danced with sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, and manta rays in the open ocean, capturing breathtaking imagery of human & animal encounters.
Hannah can hold her breath for up to 5 minutes at a time and free-dive to depths of over 50 feet on a single breath of air. As a committed ocean activist, she has helped inspire laws to be put in place to protect sealife worldwide. Hannah teaches workshops & retreats around the globe, sharing her unique skillset and breath-taking stories from the deep. Hannah is an advocate for ocean protection, female empowerment, animal conservation and universal love!
Becoming a professional mermaid may not be your dharma, but there are so many inspiring take-aways here. Get ready to learn about personal transformation through energetic frequencies, activism and creativity, the magic of flow states, trusting the universe to support you, creating a personal brand, delivering a Ted Talk, and so much more. What really moved me, personally, was the lesson from the fall of Atlantis that Hannah shares, and all the jaw-dropping stories of her ocean adventures.
@hannahmermaid  | rememberatlantis.com

"The Magic of Chaos: When Everything Falls Apart.

Aislinn Derbez is a model, actress, entrepreneur, cultural trailblazer, and amazing mother to 2-year-old Kailani. Growing up the daughter of one of the most famous actors in Mexico, she followed quite successfully in her father’s footsteps only to find that her purpose ran deeper than she had realized before. With over 9 million followers on social media, Aislinn is breaking stereotypes and opening up conversations rarely before had in conservative Latin America, by advocating for conscious parenting, breastfeeding and women’s empowerment. You may know her from the movies or her super popular Netflix series “The House of Flowers,” but global fame has not kept her from choosing to show herself as the real, powerful and vulnerable woman that she is. Hear more on her upcoming podcast, “La Magia del Caos,” through which she will continue to invite us all to embrace life and its unpredictability.
I have the privilege of calling Aislinn a friend. It’s really interesting how we connected through Instagram, and how quickly our friendship grew.
There’s so much to take away from this Talk - as Aislinn encourages us to question, are we willing to break the patterns of our parents and our ancestors by being willing to feel the heartbreak in order to heal? How can we release negative patterns holding us back? How can we be the examples of women we want our daughters to be?
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, you’ll also find this recording in your dashboard as an audio file, which you can also access from our mobile app. There you’ll also find listening party notes and journal prompts.    @aislinnderbez

"Mining for Diamonds: a Menopause, Sexuality, and 'Coming of Wisdom' Story." 

In this Talk I sit down with UK-based therapist, international educator and wise woman Hilary Lewin to talk truthfully about menopause. I really hadn’t thought much of it until my mom, whom I love so much, was going through a really difficult time, and I didn’t know how to best support her. 
There’s so much shame around pain and dysfunction of the reproductive system, and it seems especially so around peri-menopausal years. Hilary helps us redefine menopause and see it as a time to say what you mean and mean what you say, a time to possibly have the best sex of our lives, and let our wombs transmute into a nugget of wisdom; compressed by the force of nature so much so that she eventually becomes our own sparkling diamond.
Hilary specializes in the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy. It’s essentially a ‘belly massage’ that encourages the womb into optimal position for good health and wellbeing, so as to improve fertility, menstrual issues and digestive problems.
Hilary shares deep womb wisdom - and reminds us our WOMB is the most creative organ in the body. Most of the time we ignore her, or only listen when something is wrong. Because your womb holds your story, she needs to be heard. She demands to be heard. Hot flashes, heavy bleeding, sleepless nights, these are some of the ways she is shouting out. If we stop to hear she may teach us a lesson and as you know, we are never too old to learn. 
BONUS RECORDING for PREMIUM PASS: Goddess Tarot Card Wisdom.
@hilarylewin   |   hilarylewin.com

"Your Mighty Microbiome, the Vibrational Medicine of Plants, and Renegade Beauty Secrets of a Modern Day Matriarch."  

Her company, Living Libations, creates all natural, holistic skin and oral care products now sold around the world, while educating all of us about the importance of properly sourced ingredients and understanding that beauty products are meant to nourish our souls while the Earth’s elements nourish our skin.
She wrote the book “Renegade Beauty,” one of those masterpieces you can’t read cover to cover, because you must keep coming back to it to pull out more and more wisdom: doing less and allowing the elements and the life force of nature to revive the body, skin, and soul so our natural radiance can shine through.
I spoke to Nadine during her family vacation in Hawaii, just after she’d been able to practice “sun gazing” for a record number of days in a row, thanks to the unlikely absence of rain and clouds… which lead to a rich conversation about our contentious relationship with the sun and all the myths that surround our obsession with protecting ourselves from it.
We also talked about how, in her early twenties, she met a 21-year-old Alanis Morissette after opening her store for her at midnight right after one of Alanis’ concerts.
Nadine reveres the energizing elements of sun, fresh air, water, the earth, and plants and invites us to do the same… so we can simplify our self-care routine and take our health into our own hands.
Make a mental note of all your favorite beauty products… she’s about to put them to the test
@livinglibations  |  livinglibations.com

“How to Break the Myths of Old School Parenting and Truly Support You and Your Child Through Really Big Emotions.”  

“My husband listened to Tamara’s Talk and bought the pass for me right afterwards. He was so inspired himself that he wanted to gift it to me!” -Jessyl.
In a little over an hour from now, you’ll walk away with powerful tools that will make it possible for you to support your child through really big emotions. In other words, you’ll know how to eliminate tantrums and not lose your mind!
Tamara Iglesias is a brilliant conscious parenting coach who will help us identify patterns that aren’t serving us, dispel a ton of parenting myths so you can get out of the ‘old school’ ways of thinking and challenge you to love yourself more deeply.
We’re about to learn how we can re-think tantrums, unravel shame and guilt, how to best show our child our humanness, and how to co-create respect, rather than demanding it.
Tamara also implores us to question are we really showing our children a healthy range of emotional expression? Are we too attached to how things should be without holding space for what is?
Oh, and we had a really great Talk about business and how Tamara navigates solo parenting as an entrepreneur.
If you’ve purchased the PREMIUM ACCESS PASS, please don’t miss Tamara’s amazing BONUS - "Reparenting Tools & Conscious Language" pdf. Honestly, it's priceless. Rob & I printed it and have it up on our fridge. 
@wellynest   |  wellynest.com

"Lessons from Teaching 10,000 Hours of the Most Advanced Sexual Education on the Planet.

"Mind BLOWN. I purchased the Premium Pass halfway through her Talk because I had to have her bonus. It's everything and more!! I feel a real awakening and want to shout from the rooftops!" - Emile Y.
We’re about to learn how pleasurable and ecstatic states can initiate deep healing from trauma, what makes us as women feel safe, why our bodies are designed for pleasure, why having a pleasure practice is so important for our nervous system, how we can begin to wake up from (and dismantle) patriarchy, how to breathe from your pussy, and finally, feel self-love. Layla shared a deeply personal story of how she transformed sexual trauma into a sexual awakening … and became the Wild Woman that she knows all of us can be.
We don’t end there - I also got Layla to share some powerful business wisdom! She tells us how ONE THING that a photographer said to her at a photoshoot helped her claim her unique signature, why you should fall in love with sales and money, start an email list, and more.
Layla Martin, also known as “The Headmistress of Pleasure,” is the founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and has shared her work with over 79 million people.
Her programs have taught over 6,000 women, men, and non-binary people her unique process of using breath, sound, movement, meditation, and energy awareness to awaken the most transcendent sexual experiences of your entire life.
If you’ve purchased the PREMIUM ACCESS PASS, please don’t miss Layla’s BONUS MASTERCLASS: she teaches 3 revolutionary practices to elevate your life and unleash your brilliant light on the world. It’s a 1-hour class full of mind-blowing practical guidance: why positive affirmations and talk therapy don’t work as well, how to literally create confidence in your body, what specifically a woman needs to create the state of the wild self? And so much more. Be ready to take so many notes and possibly weep in recognition of your own goddess power!   
@laylamartin  |  laylamartin.com

"Clearing Money Blocks for Creatives, Healers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs."  [DAY 5]

“Tears and a big yawn with each release. There were a lot of cords/roots in my back and a big one in my solar plexus that was dug in so deep. At first I tried to pull it out, but then remembered I should relax instead of contract and loosen up the earth, so to speak, so the roots of these poverty mindsets would have room to release and withdraw peacefully. It's going to take several times with this meditation before the roots stop re-attaching themselves afterwards. Incredible.” -Megan E.
Polly Alexandre never intended to be a coach, but it was as if the Universe dragged her, kicking and screaming, into a journey through loss, abundance, extraordinary lessons and synchronicities that will make your head spin.
She blends unique transformational coaching and intuitive healing abilities with 15 years experience as an entrepreneur to bring you cutting edge programs like Money Beautifully and Abundance Accellerator, which Matrîarch Collective is a proud affiliate of.
Polly has overcome decades of self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns about money, and as far as ‘transformational coaches’ go, Polly really walks her talk.
We’re about to hear her shocking and inspiring personal story how the Universe stripped everything away so she could up level, how Polly connects to the Akashic field, why going to a shaman on your honeymoon may not be a great idea, how we can begin to heal our ancestral poverty stories, how her first $50 coaching client came back to invest $15K more, the wisdom of ‘delivering less,’ the work around ‘not enough,’ a simple way to release patterns that don’t serve us, and an uplifting story of how Polly manifested her dream home in Ibiza.
It’s time. It’s time to get over your fears so you can take action, be visible, attract more clients, make more money, and most importantly, bring in a new way of being for women!
If you’ve purchased the Premium Access Pass, do not miss Polly’s AMAZING BONUS: it’s a guided audio meditation “Past Life Patterns of Poverty.” I had such a powerful experience with it, you’ll hear all about it in this Talk. It’s really special because Polly channels this wisdom and it’s unlike anything I’ve done. If you enjoy it, I highly recommend checking out the Abundance Accelerator 14-day guided experience, it's linked up inside your dashboard.   
@pollyalexandre  |  pollyalexandre.com

"The Great Quickening, Ancestral Communication, and Overcoming Historical Trauma with Plant, Food and Sex Medicine." 

In this intensely illuminating, and often mouth-watering conversation, Yaya shares channeled wisdom from Spirits involving Bjork, how to activate the simple sacred technology of sitting in circle as women, how living in time of Kali Yuga is asking us to become ‘baby crones,’ how our human bodies are designed to respond to rhythm; we also talk about the many ways to communicate with our ancestors, and how there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to have a really delicious treat every day that has nothing in it that’s bad for you.
Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is an Esoteric Women’s Health Practitioner, Plant Spirit Medicine Guide, Priestess, Oracle, Artist, and Mother. She has taught art to Brooklyn teens, led women’s ceremonial circles and organized retreats with indigenous teachers.
Yaya is the founder of Active Culture Family, a mycelial network of sacred humans devoted to exploring relationship as a pathway to responsible, creative, liberated way of being.
This community is like a basket that holds together their physical gathering space in San Diego, their Medicine Mandala Green Magic Apprenticeship, and her podcast Star Seed Survival Guide. 
Yaya strongly beliefs in the necessity of hybrid medicine to meet the unique challenges of modern life, so she’s engaged in the continued study of Plant Medicine, Active Dreaming, and Goddess Traditions from around the world.
We also talked about business - the importance of taking care of our nervous systems so we can actually handle feedback; and that even though it’s uncomfortable, we need to have long educational conversations about money, reciprocity and exchange.
If you’ve purchased the PREMIUM ACCESS PASS, please enjoy Yaya’s pdf Medicine Mandala Wellness Guide, 11 ancestral (and common-sense) practices to stay well.
Fair warning - this conversation may make your mouth water or catapult you in another dimension
@activeculturefamily   |   activeculturefamily.com

"The Moon Deck Oracle: How to Strengthen Your Intuition and Harness the Power of Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities through Daily Ritual."  [DAY 7]

Our Talk begins by us both pulling a card from our decks, which set the tone for a beautiful conversation that covered so many things… from the meaning of ravens and the power of prayer to how you can strengthen your innate intuition and become bold enough to offer the world that which only YOU can.
“The connection we are craving is likely the connection that needs to be given…”That is the beautiful invitation we are left with after this enlightening conversation with Aarona Lea, intuitive oracle reader, and creator of The Moon Deck — one of my favorite decks of all time.
As an emotional health advocate, author, teacher and business owner, Aarona helps us demystify intuition, ritual, self-love and personal growth.
In this masterful Talk, we get to know the woman whose healing journey began in childhood, when she already felt a natural pull towards the spiritual.
After a long journey of study and her intimate connection to ritual, having recovered from a 10-year cycle of bulimia, she decided to fully trust her vision of creating an oracle deck filled with all of the themes that had been a part of her journey… and The Moon Deck was born.
We spoke about the emotional journey of entrepreneurship —exceeding her goal for an Indiegogo campaign, and what it takes to truly connect with our virtual followings by avoiding empty marketing tactics.
@the_moondeck  |  @aarona.lea
themoondeck.com   |   aaronalea.com

"Creativity as Survival in Challenging Times, Making Meaning with Your Business, and the Medicine of the Red Blouse." 

"This conversation is life! Yan would wake up creative flow in a freaking STONE." -Yasmin K.
In this uplifting heart-to-heart Talk, Yan uses experience, metaphors and story to show us that if we can have the discipline to practice stillness and creativity to access our own rhythm and unique beauty, we will get where we need to go.
We’re about to learn why it’s important to call in more abundance from a place of knowing our wholeness, not believing in our brokenness; how to harness the power of structure and chaos in our creative process, why business strategies will only work for a while, unless we believe in this one important truth, and what 'TEETHKISS' means … Actually Yan does not stop dropping gems of gold this entire hour.
Yan Palmer is a multi-passionate artist —equal parts photographer, writer, speaker, teacher, podcaster, beauty connoisseur, and creativity rebel — who doesn’t care one bit to be labeled as JUST ONE of those things.
She’s a single mom who travels a lot as part of her work, yet she unfailingly spends Sunday nights watching watching old, nostalgic, obscure movies and pop'n' M&Ms with her 3 rad-tastic kids.  
I adore Yan because she says things like ... LET’S BE HUMAN TOGETHER AND SEE WHAT ART WE CAN CREATE.
She reminds us that art isn't what we DO, it's how we ARE.
This is such a delicious conversation that is sure to make you grab a brush, pencil, microphone or camera right away…
I know you were drawn to this conversation for a reason - see where Yan’s heart mirrors your own.
@yanpalmer   |   yanpalmer.com

"Portal of Joy, Power & Pleasure: How Dance and Conscious Movement Saved My Life." 

 We’re about to learn why she was called a "Yoga Rebel" by Yoga Journal Magazine, how to build in the theta brainwave space, how to keep our nervous system strong and resilient, how to identify ancestral patterns in behavior that aren’t serving us, how we can tap into Jocelyn’s latest offering, Sex, Spirit & Spin.
Jocelyn is a doula, an embodiment coach, a yoga & mindfulness teacher and creator of HoopYogini and Bhakti Boogie. She designed these unique powerful programs for you – the busy, modern, sensual woman with so much to give and experience.
Jocelyn actually believes that transformation can be fun; ecstatic in fact, which is what led her to create her signature programs combining dance with yoga and mindfulness meditation.
She makes self-care, self-restoration and self-realization accessible, and works intimately with women looking for wellness as they get ready to conceive a child. Or a creative idea.
You will hear her precious daughter chime in several times during this Talk, as we witness Jocelyn remain centered while balancing two huge aspects of her ‘self’: motherhood and service.
If you’ve purchased the PREMIUM ACCESS PASS, please enjoy a special BONUS: access to part one of the Hoop Yogini Talk series. There’s also journal prompts and listening party notes. 
@jocelyngordon1   |   hoopyogini.com   |   jocelyngordon.com

"Walk Tall with Janne Robinson." ]

Janne is a poet, best known at this moment for her acclaimed piece “This is For the Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck,” which later became an award-winning spoken word poetry film and a multi-media brand, This is For the Women. Janne is also an author and a coach, specializing in creative writing, business consulting and personal development
We’re about to learn how shifting one part of yourself into alignment can change everything, how the universe supports us when we step deeper into the truth of who we are, how to take up space in the world, how to let go of shame, and so much more.
Janne also shares a very inspiring behind the scenes look into how she runs her business, and what it’s been like to expand it from working with clients 1:1 to scaling her offerings online.
PREMIUM ACCESS BONUS: "Healing Your Emotional Relationship with Money." SO GOOD. 
@jannerobinson | jannerobinson.com

"The Wisdom of Children: How to Recover Your Innate Creativity Through the Power of Story." 

"Wow, Justine's stories really moved me. And that fun exercise at the end - I'll definitely be doing that with my daughter!" - Jessa K.
 Justine Curran is a Sydney-based artist specializing in documentary family photography. 
This is such a rich conversation because Justine & I dance at the crossroads of conscious parenting, business, photography, meaningful human connection, and life as art.
Justine’s passion for capturing the essence and wisdom of children is no coincidence. She emerged from her own childhood with a deep sense of disconnection, but found healing after much inner work and after studying the impact that our family dynamics can have on our development. It’s from this place that she creates playful, emotive and nostalgic works of art.
In this Talk, we recalled some of Justine’s most impactful photographs — pretending to be Bagheera from The Jungle Book just to get a little boy to engage with her camera, capturing candid moments between two daughters and their terminally ill mother, and an award-winning black & white image of a mother’s breast and her newborn.
We also talk about the damaging effects of authoritarian parenting, what ‘disconnection’ is costing us personally, and what it’s costing as a society,  how we can encourage unapologetic wonder and self-expression not only in our children, but in ourselves.
Justine & I also gush over the two trainings that have changed our lives and transformed our businesses: they are the Business as an Artform program and KINDRÊD meditation. If you purchased the PREMIUM ACCESS PASS you’ll get a chance to learn about both of these in our Virtual Village and Mastermind Membership. 
@justinecurran_photography   |  justinecurran.com.au

"Welfare To $1M, the Magick of Calling in Your Guides, and a Coming Out Story with the Rebel Queen."  [DAY 2]

“The power of these women… they speak with such strength and authority, it reminded me of the need to reclaim my own power.” - Eboni
With her signature hair and magnetic punk rock personality, Kimra has lived through and overcome some outrageously painful obstacles, but despite those challenges she was bold enough to take herself from living on welfare to creating a multi million-dollar business and a super loyal and devoted online following. In fact, the Kimra Luna brand earned nearly a million dollars in its first year.  Do I have your attention? Kimra specializes in personal branding and creative online business strategies. In her year of studying online businesses, she had learned so much that she figured she might as well share. She did it through webinars, to which she drove traffic through Facebook ads. She didn’t even have anything to sell! That Facebook group became the Freedom Hackers Mastermind, and her first paid offering was “Crushing it on Facebook,” which led to coaching jobs. Then came her signature program “Be True, Brand You,” which helps entrepreneurs attract their audience and monetize their brands as they share their message to make a difference in the world. And her programs keep evolving. This year, Kimra is launching her business collective called “The Rebel Club.” It’s a program for service-based misfits, wizards, witches, outside-the-box thinkers, industry disruptors, and business owners who are sick of the bro-marketing fake ‘influencer’ foolishness in the online space. And she’s already looking ahead to her next pivot, which will be in sex & relationship coaching.
We’re about to learn so much from this Rebel Queen! The real life strategies behind her launches and attracting financial abundance, her ‘coming out’ story, all the backlash and blessings that have come as a result, why just having a course is not enough, how to create a strong community online, how to develop your ‘inner witch’, lessons from her water birth, and so much more.
PREMIUM ACCESS BONUS: 30 minute deep dive into why Facebook isn’t dead and what we’re missing out on if we’re not using it creatively in our business, we talk about magic of Facebook chat bots, Kimra’s one core value that will consistently set you up for success, Kimra shares an important perspective on mental health as an entrepreneur, and shares two very different stories we can learn from, one involving Gabby Bernstein, and the other Gary Vee. You live, you learn, Kimra says. 
@kimraluna  |  kimraluna.com

"How One Woman Built an Ashram in the Jungle (and a Global 7-Figure Movement to Go With It).

Adi Shakti is the founder of Soul Work, an online academy for yoga and personal development trainings that is deeply committed to a trauma sensitive approach, social justice, and cultivating sacred space for healing, both online and for in-person trainings at her beautiful jungle ashram in Costa Rica. She has trained hundreds of students and leaders from all over the world. To me, she is such an inspiring example of empowered social leadership.
I met Adi Shakti at an ashram in India, in a ceremony where she received her spiritual name from our teacher Vishaketu.
Since then we’ve followed each other online and it’s amazing to witness what she’s created.
We’re about to learn how Adi went from being a broke yoga teacher earning $5 an hour to traveling the world with a humanitarian mission to plant ceremonies in the Amazon to building a yoga school in the middle of the jungle.
We discuss how women-centered teachings are largely missing from traditional yoga teacher trainings, how to keep your heart open despite negative feedback, how Tony Robbins’ ‘I am Not Your Guru” film inspired the most brilliant piece of content she’d ever produced … and more. 
@adi_shakti_rising  |  soulwork.com

BONUS: “How One Family Business Accidentally Discovered a Way to Triple Customer Response Rates with ... a Virtual Equivalent of a Handwritten Note."

Amy Habib joins us from her apartment in the UK during the lockdown of coronavirus madness, and we have such a beautiful conversation about the importance of connecting face to face online and doing business creatively as female entrepreneurs in a way that really sets us apart in this competitive world.
Bonjoro is the world's first 'customer delight' platform to help entrepreneurs build real relationships with our customers, at scale. It was originally developed as a customer success hack for their last business; and they realized that overnight, Bonjoro tripled their response rates in comparison to automated emails. What is it? Basically, it’s the modern equivalent of a handwritten note.
You’ll find out what makes Amy a CDO (chief delight officer), why building personal relationships is the most important thing to focus on, no matter what marketing strategies you’re using, how to create marketing funnels that convert like crazy, and you get to see what happens when I find out you have a purple bear onesie in your closet, during an interview.
We’re proud affiliates for Bonjoro, so as a member of Matriarch Collective, we have something special for you. And if you purchased the Premium Pass, you’ll find the incredible 37-page Video Funnel Playbook in your bonus section, and inside the Matriarch membership, you’ll get a chance to learn exactly how I’ve been using this platform to delight and love on my tribe, to nurture relationships, build hype, build momentum, and do business in a more 'feminine' way.


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