nûla by MATRÎARCH: meet katya & karina

These mamas are best friends and the founders of Nû Earth unSchool in Dominican Republic, on the beautiful island of Quisqueya.
Over the last 10 years, they’ve created unique ceremonies and moments of meaning for 100’s of families and children from all over the world. 
Karina is an award-winning family photojournalist, artist and designer.
Katya is an educator, creator of Matrîarch Collective, Wise Earth Ayurveda practitioner, yogini, birthkeeper, and a weaver of magic. 
By total coincidence, both their husbands have glorious beards, strange tattoos, and give off Viking vibes.
 Between the two of them there are 5 children and one spirit baby (for now).
 On any day, you’ll find them sipping tea out of recycled glass peanut butter jars, designing rite of passage rituals, and remembering the wisdom in their bones. 
* There are several other magnificent guides on the nûla team.

from the creator of MATRÎARCH COLLECTIVE:

"You're looking at the best moment of my life - the moment I realize I have a daughter. I didn't know it at the time, but this moment would change EVERYTHING.
What would I do to prepare Aluna to thrive in a world that may try to keep her small? Where would she go to listen to wise women's stories??"
That's how Matrîarch was born. 
we are women who rise to claim our sacred birthright as a leaders, creators, and wisdom-keepers.
we are the women the Earth needs now. 

Watch Katya Nova's ecstatic birth VIDEO! 

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