"You're looking at the best moment of my life - the moment I realize I have a daughter. I didn't know it at the time, but this moment would change EVERYTHING. What would I do to prepare Aluna to thrive in a world that may try to keep her small? Where would she go to listen to wise women's stories??"

- Katya Nova, founder of MATRÎARCH.LOVE

Katya lives on a beautiful Caribbean island with her amazing husband Rob (and now, 3 children under 5).
She is an award-winning intimate portraits photographer. Her controversial "Skîn to Skîn" project celebrates the beauty of human skin and human connection. 
Katya has studies yoga, meditation, women's healing & ancient secrets of Ayurveda in India. 
She hosts international women's retreats centering the Mother. 
 Katya is the founder of Honey Talks Podcast: conversations about conscious motherhood & healing through pleasure. 
a matriarch is defined as a woman who is the head of a family or tribe. we propose a new definition:

/matrîarch/ we are the women the earth needs now. 

we are women who rise to claim our sacred birthright as a leaders, creators, and wisdom-keepers.
matrîarch.love is an online collective & community for women creators. We are mothers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, dreamers who care about the earth and earth’s children. We care about relationships, conscious leadership, and we believe there’s no reason we shouldn’t be making great money doing what we love.
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