Hi my love.

You're looking at the best moment of my life - the moment I find out I have a little girl, a daughter.

Little did I know, this moment would change EVERYTHING.

What would I do to prepare Aluna to thrive in a world that may try to keep her small? Where would she turn to for wise women's stories?!"

That's how Matrîarch was born. 


WE are the women claiming our sacred birthright as a leaders, creators, and wisdom-keepers.

WE are the women the Earth needs now. 

So, what makes a 'modern matriarch?' 
To me, she's farrrrrrrrrr from perfect, but she always tells the truth.
So that's what I did. 

I told the truth about a lot of difficult (and taboo!) things: freebirthing my 4 babies, having a miscarriage that almost took my life, ending my marriage, leaving veganism, and most recently, how I created a 7-figure online business from a tiny Costa Rican mountain town.

In 2023, my two biggest projects, The Confessions and The Money Bootcamp, went viral and created almost 500K in affiliate commissions for the women in my community.

I looooooooove seeing money move through the hands of women (because in matriarchy, there was a mother-centric knowledge of what to do with the wealth!)
Thank you for being here, I hope you stay a while!

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